Sunday Service Times 主日崇拜時間


Mandarin service 國語堂 10.30AM

Cantonese service 粵語堂 1.30PM

Location (地址): 58a Birkenhead street, London WC1H 8BW

English service 英語堂 11.00AM

Location: 6 Crestfield street, London WC1H 8AT

Church notices - 教會消息

​1. YOUTH PASTOR POSITION - Kings Cross Methodist Church is seeking an enthusiastic youth pastor to work with young people who have moved here from Chinese cultures as well as British Born Chinese. The successful applicant will work as part of a team ministry. And we will consider applications for full-time, or a part-time post, or for a training position. There is no deadline for applications. For further details on the role: trainee or full-time​.


Kings  Cross Methodist church is seeking a Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking Lay Workers to work alongside the minister and as part of the wider church team. Further details see link.


West London Mission is looking for two interns to be based at Methodist Chaplaincy House in King’s Cross London for one year starting 1st September 2020.  For further details about this exciting opportunity please see or contact Deacon Linda Gilson at

Closing date for applications 26th March 2020. Interviews: 2nd April 2020.

4. King's Cross tuition class 2019 - KX补习班 (中文初级班,数学,英语和音乐)

年龄:适合5-11岁 | 上课时间:中文课星期六下午 13:30-15:30 |  英语,数学和音乐星期六下午 13:30-16:30

开课时间: 14/09/2019


5. 2020年春令會於6-9/4/2020進行,主題:我家開始,直到地極,講員:傅大衛牧師(博士)牧師。教會將津貼每名會友45磅。詳情請聯絡鄧素菁(粵)或在教會網址報名:

Church Prayer and statement (禱告)


鉴于「武汉肺炎 - 新型冠状病毒」的发生以及还不断在演变中,我们需要同心协力关注疫情的趋势以及如何照顾个人家庭的健康。随着中国春节假期即将结束,将有许多的同胞会陆续的回到英国。我们需要严谨面对及学习迫切儆醒为疫情祷告。由于目前尚未研发具疗效药物,医疗单位所采取的措施是:“有疑似病例需即刻彻底隔离才能控制疫情。“(请参考权威机构发布的新型冠状病毒防疫手册)


  1. 在中国的疫情尚未有效控制之前,请避免回乡。近期有回国行程者,英国外交部已经建议即刻取消行程。

  2. 凡近期从中国过年探亲回英国者,请注意在候机室及航班上有交叉感染的可能性。回到英国后,请自行居家隔离两周后(14天),再来参加主日崇拜或小组聚会。在居家隔离期间,若有出现呼吸道感染症状,如鼻塞、流鼻水、咳嗽、发烧等,请直接拨打111,NHS会做出及时处理和治疗,不要耽延。

  3. 即使个人没有回乡,请留意近期从国内回英国的家人亲友的健康状况,特别是共同生活、密切互动的家人以及自己的健康。

  4. 为了有效防疫,在公共场所如:市场,学校,办公室,餐厅,外卖店等,尽量与他人保持一定的安全距离,不握手、不拥抱、不近距离聊天交谈。

  5. 为世界卫生组织,中国国家的首脑,灾区医疗团队和家人,病犯者及丧失家人的家庭等祷告,求主安慰医治怜悯他们。祈求上帝怜悯医治这个大地,让疫情早日平息。历代志下 7:

  6. 这称为我名下的子民,若是谦卑自己,祷告,寻求我的面,转离他们的恶行,我必从天上垂听,赦免他们的罪,医治他们的地。

  7. 请留心并配合英国卫生部的相关讯息和指引。

主耶稣说,”我留下平安给你们,我把我的平安赐给你们。我所赐给你们的,不像世人所赐的。你们心里不要忧愁,也不要胆怯。”  约翰福音 14:27




Dear brothers, sisters and friends

In view of the outbreak and spread of the new Coronavirus, designated 2019-nCoV, we need to work together and focus on the trends of the epidemic and how to take care of the health of individuals and families.

As the Chinese New Year holiday is coming to an end, many people will be returning to Britain from Asia one after another. We need to take this situation very seriously and learn how to pray for the situation. 

As effective drugs have not yet been developed, the measures adopted by medical staff are as follows: "Suspected cases need to be quarantined immediately to control the epidemic." (Please refer to the Coronavirus prevention guidelines available online)

The church's recommendations are as follows:

  1. Please do not return to your home country until the outbreak in China has been effectively controlled. The British Foreign Office has recommended for those who have recently planned a visit to China to cancel their trips if possible.

  2. Anyone who has recently returned to the UK from visits to China and other affected destinations may have the possibility of being a carrier of the virus after being in crowded areas such as airport lounges and airplanes.  To minimize the risk of spreading of the virus, after returning to the UK, please self-quarantine by staying at home for at least two weeks and avoiding public areas, including public transport, before coming to attend Sunday worship or group gatherings. During the quarantine period, if you have symptoms of respiratory infections, such as nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, fever, etc., please dial 111 directly and inform NHS of your symptoms to receive guidance on what to do next.

  3. If you have not been travelling abroad, please also pay attention to the health status of family members and friends who have recently returned to the UK from visits to affected areas, especially those who live with you.

  4. For effective epidemic prevention, try to maintain a safe distance with others in public places such as markets, schools, offices, restaurants, take-out shops, and do not shake hands, hug, or chat in close proximity.

  5. Pray for the World Health Organization, the head of the Chinese nation, the medical staff and family members currently in the affected areas, the sick and the families who have lost their family members to the disease, and ask the Lord to comfort and heal them. Pray for God's mercy to heal this earth, and let the epidemic subside soon. 2 Chronicles 7: 14 “If these people are called in my name, if they humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn away from their evil deeds, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land.”

  6. Pay attention to relevant information updates and cooperate with guidelines released by the UK Department of Health.


The Lord Jesus said, "I leave peace to you, and I give you my peace. What I give you is not like what the world has given you. Don't be troubled in your heart, and don't be timid." John 14:27

Kings Cross Methodist Church
30th January 2020


Hong Kong situation
The local church is pioneered by a group of faithful believers who are originated from Hong Kong. They still possess many fond and passionate memories of the land which is known to them as the “Fragrant Harbor.” As a church, we are concerned with the current developments in the land which they once called home. 


We call on the government and leaders of the land to contain the current situation in order that peace, stability and development may be restored. As human being, we all desire certainty for tomorrow and the assurance of the future for our next generation.
We call on the people to demonstrate maturity and understanding to safeguard the continuous peace and development of the land by working closely with the local authority. Despite of the diverse political stances or opinions, the common goal of keeping order and achieving peace is the prime goal for all.

We trust all will desire to see past the chaos of the moment and focus on the kind of society in which we wish to live. The yardstick of our actions should be governed by the golden rule to cherish each other as we cherish ourselves.

A Prayer for Hong Kong
Holy and Gracious God, Lord of All and Giver of Life,
We hold before you the people of Hong Kong and those connected to it.
We pray for an end to the violence and for your peace and justice to be known.
We pray for your guidance that the leaders may have wisdom and strength to discern a way forward that respects the value of each person.
We pray for the churches that they may be witnesses to your love and mercy, and be beacons of hope.
We remember your faithfulness to us, and that with you, all things are possible.
We pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, Amen.


我们呼吁政府和当地的领导能够掌握当前的局势,以确保持续的和平,稳定及发展。 身为人民,我们都响往有确据的明天和下一代的未来有保障。




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