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Mandarin service 國語堂 10.30AM

Cantonese service 粵語堂 1.30PM

Location (地址): 58a Birkenhead street, London WC1H 8BW

English service 英語堂 11.00AM

Location: 6 Crestfield street, London WC1H 8AT

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Church notices - 教會消息


Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Dear all,

Greetings to you in the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Church leaders had taken time to prepare the church building ready for the physical worship service and we are pleased to confirm that it is now indeed ready for reopening. Due to the sudden surge of confirm number of Covid-19 cases and London has now gone into Tier 2 lockdown since 17th October 2020, the proposed plan to reopen the church is now being deferred until further notice. We ask for your continuous prayer and support as the online Mandarin, English and Cantonese services are still available via Zoom. For further details, please refer to the church weekly announcement.


The Church Council
23rd October 2020




教会的领袖经过一段时间的多方努力,预备重新开放教会进行实体的礼拜,我们欣然确定建筑物已经合格并且预备好。鉴于近期的确诊数字不断的增加以及伦敦市于十月十七日开始第二级的管制,教会重新开放的计划将被押后进行,直到另行通知。我们鼓励你继续代祷并积极参加目前在线上的国语,英语,以及粤语的主日崇拜。 其他详情请参考教会的秩序单报告。


23rd October 2020


會務報告 (church notices)

1. 英國在2月22日晚間宣布四個階段逐步“解封”計劃。第一步計劃將於3月8日推出,希望於今年6月21日之前能完全防疫措施。請信徒關注官方的指引,及循道會的指引。請參閱網站 及

联区宣布Tessa Bennett自2021年9月起将成为君王十字堂的probationer会吏, 任期五年。我们欢迎Tessa和她的丈夫Kevin。有関Tessa 的个人资料请看附页

Job positions


1. CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY INTERNSHIP - If you have recent experience of student life, are outgoing and friendly, and are not afraid of new challenges, why not join our team at West London Mission (WLM) as one of our two Christian Community interns.

For further details see link. Closing date for applications: Midnight on Thursday 13th May 2021


2. YOUTH PASTOR POSITION - Kings Cross Methodist Church is seeking an enthusiastic youth pastor to work with young people who have moved here from Chinese cultures as well as British Born Chinese. The successful applicant will work as part of a team ministry. And we will consider applications for full-time, or a part-time post, or for a training position. There is no deadline for applications. For further details on the role see link.


Kings  Cross Methodist church is seeking a Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking Lay Workers to work alongside the minister and as part of the wider church team. Further details see link 1 (Canto) or link 2 (Mando)

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