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International Service entrance

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Sunday Service Times 主日崇拜時間


Mandarin service 國語堂 10.30AM

Cantonese service 粵語堂 1.30PM

Location (地址): 58a Birkenhead street, London WC1H 8BW

English service 英語堂 11.00AM

Location: 6 Crestfield street, London WC1H 8AT

Worship Services

(Hybrid Stream)



國語堂 10.30AM - (信息)

International Service 11.00AM - Please contact

粵語堂 1.30PM - (信息)

Church notices - 教會消息

1. 教會重新開始實體主日崇拜知訊 - 粵語堂 國語堂



國語 / 粤語 崇拜:

3. 联区宣布Tessa Bennett自2021年9月起将成为君王十字堂的probationer会吏, 任期五年。我们欢迎Tessa和她的丈夫Kevin。聯區歡迎新任會吏Tessa聯合崇拜將於12/09/2021上午十一時在本會進行

4. 西區現招募兩名基督徒實習生,於今年九月份在MCH工作一年,詳情請登入網址或聯絡Ruth  Bottoms牧師

5. 教會現招聘以下職位:

a. 國語同工- 負責教會移民事工,包括外展、新移民及培育教會第二代成為教會 成員. 詳情請登入網址. 截止日期: 9月17日; 面試日期9月29日。

b: 青年牧師 - 帶領和牧養新一代的青年和策劃教會事工。詳情請登入網址: 截止日期9月10 ; 面試日期:9月28日 

Job positions


1. YOUTH PASTOR POSITION - Kings Cross Methodist Church is seeking an enthusiastic youth pastor to work with young people who have moved here from Chinese cultures as well as British Born Chinese. The successful applicant will work as part of a team ministry. And we will consider applications for full-time, or a part-time post, or for a training position. There is no deadline for applications. For further details on the role see link.


Kings  Cross Methodist church is seeking a Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking Lay Workers to work alongside the minister and as part of the wider church team. Further details see link 1 (Canto) or link 2 (Mando)