Sunday Service Times 主日崇拜時間


Mandarin service 國語堂 10.30AM

Cantonese service 粵語堂 1.30PM

Location (地址): 58a Birkenhead street, London WC1H 8BW

English service 英語堂 11.00AM

Location: 6 Crestfield street, London WC1H 8AT

Church notices - 教會消息

​1. YOUTH PASTOR WANTED - Kings Cross Methodist Church is seeking an enthusiastic youth pastor to work with young people who have moved here from Chinese cultures as well as British Born Chinese. The successful applicant will work as part of a team ministry. And we will consider applications for full-time, or a part-time post, or for a training position. There is no deadline for applications. Please apply as soon as you are able to. For further details on the role: trainee or full-time​.

2. King's Cross tuition class 2019 - KX补习班 (中文初级班,数学,英语和音乐)

年龄:适合5-11岁 | 上课时间:中文课星期六下午 13:30-15:30 |  英语,数学和音乐星期六下午 13:30-16:30

开课时间: 14/09/2019



3. 理事會議將於1月19日3:30pm在小禮堂舉行。敬請所有執事和理事出席,共商事工。

4. 慶祝農曆新年聯合崇拜將於1月26日上午11時在本會舉行。會後將有聚餐。

5. 2020年春令會於6-9/4/2020進行,主題:我家開始,直到地極,講員:蘇慈安(博士)牧師。教會將津貼每名會友45磅。詳情請聯絡鄧素菁(粵)或在教會網址報名:

Church Prayer and statement (禱告)


Hong Kong situation
The local church is pioneered by a group of faithful believers who are originated from Hong Kong. They still possess many fond and passionate memories of the land which is known to them as the “Fragrant Harbor.” As a church, we are concerned with the current developments in the land which they once called home. 


We call on the government and leaders of the land to contain the current situation in order that peace, stability and development may be restored. As human being, we all desire certainty for tomorrow and the assurance of the future for our next generation.
We call on the people to demonstrate maturity and understanding to safeguard the continuous peace and development of the land by working closely with the local authority. Despite of the diverse political stances or opinions, the common goal of keeping order and achieving peace is the prime goal for all.

We trust all will desire to see past the chaos of the moment and focus on the kind of society in which we wish to live. The yardstick of our actions should be governed by the golden rule to cherish each other as we cherish ourselves.

A Prayer for Hong Kong
Holy and Gracious God, Lord of All and Giver of Life,
We hold before you the people of Hong Kong and those connected to it.
We pray for an end to the violence and for your peace and justice to be known.
We pray for your guidance that the leaders may have wisdom and strength to discern a way forward that respects the value of each person.
We pray for the churches that they may be witnesses to your love and mercy, and be beacons of hope.
We remember your faithfulness to us, and that with you, all things are possible.
We pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, Amen.


我们呼吁政府和当地的领导能够掌握当前的局势,以确保持续的和平,稳定及发展。 身为人民,我们都响往有确据的明天和下一代的未来有保障。




Essex lorry incident (23rd October 2019)
The church welcomes migrant community(s) from different foreign lands. We all desire peace and prosperity in the land that we now dwell and the land where we come from.

We are shocked and saddened by the incident where 39 persons lost their lives and dreams while they perished in a lorry container which was found in Essex. This incident is a repetition of the Dover incident where 58 persons died 19 years ago.
The church prays for the deceased and their respective families and love ones, though we know them not. We ask the loving God to receive these souls into his abode and the abiding peace of the Emmanuel God to comfort their respective love ones with the hope of resurrection.

We pray for the syndicate group(s) that at the sight of the lost lives, they shall remember the sanctity and value of life. Above all, to know that mankind should enjoy equal opportunity in life for all are created in the image and likeness of God. We shall love and cherish one another.

We pray for the government of the countries represented by the church members to have wisdom and understanding to lead and govern their respective land where the dreams and hopes of their countrymen may be materialized.


这一次的意外事件让我们感到震惊和悲伤,因为有39人在Essex的一辆卡车的集装箱中丧失他们的宝贵生命和梦想。这事件是重演19年前在Dover有 58人在卡车集装箱中死亡的事件。


我们也为有关的非法移民集团祈祷,期望当他们看到生命的流逝时,他们会记得生命是神圣且有价值的。 更重要的是,了解每一个人都应该享有平等的机会,因为所有的人都是按上帝的形像和样式所造成的。我们务要彼此相爱和珍惜。


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