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About us



We are a Church, situated in the heart of London's King Cross. We are a church committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus with the local community. 


King's Cross Methodist church has a long history, the church building was constructed as early as 1824 and there were many changes over the last decades.  Through our Lord the mission has never changed and we celebrate bringing glory to our God; to serve the local communities and visitors at the heart of London.  The Chinese ministries were established by Rev. Wong, a dedicated missionary sent from Hong Kong, with a focus on Chinese students.  In 1975, our first Sunday Service in Cantonese was held.  Since then the chinese ministres had expanded to other areas of the UK, establishing various sisters church.


King's Cross Methodist Church minister:

許廣錚  牧師 Rev Kong Ching Hii (2011 - ) pictured


International Service Deacon:

Tessa Bennett (2021 - ) pictured

Lay workers:

1.Stella Townson

2.Gloria Kong

Senior Stewards:

1. Mandarin Service: TongLe Lin

2. Cantonese Service: Kin Lok Leung

3. International Service: (Vacancy)

Rev Hii Profile Picture.jpg
Tessa Profile Picture.jpeg

​The King's Cross Methodist Church together with Hinde Street Methodist Church forms the West London Mission. The West London Mission, together will many other Circuits form the London District. Then the many districts in the country together form the Methodist Church in Britain.


The Chinese Methodist Churches in the UK also together forms the Chinese Methodist Mission.


Sunday Service Times 主日崇拜時間


Mandarin service 國語堂 10.30AM

Cantonese service 粵語堂 1.30PM

Location (地址): 58a Birkenhead street, London WC1H 8BW

English service 英語堂 11.00AM

Location: 6 Crestfield street, London WC1H 8AT

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